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P.V.C Tubing

Terylene Braided Reinforced P.V.C.

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Terylene Braided Reinforced P.V.C tubing is very similar to our clear and coloured P.V.C Tubing in that it is also highly flexible and made from a grade of P.V.C that makes it suitable for food contact uses. However Terylene Braided Reinforced P.V.C Tubing is reinforced for medium to high pressure use.

Slit Flexible P.V.C. Tube

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Buxoplas’ Slit P.V.C Tubing can be supplied in a Red,  Green and Blue. Our Slit P.V.C is highly flexible and is very often used for edge protection of goods in transit i.e. Sheet metal and saw blades. Circular Band Saw Blades.

Clear, Coloured and Food Grade P.V.C Tubing

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Buxoplas’ Clear and Coloured P.V.C tubing can be supplied as clear tube with a range of colours also available. P.V.C is a highly flexible material that is very often used for low pressure solid, liquid and gaseous dispense