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Nylon Tubing

Buxoplas manufacture and stock the largest and most comprehensive range of nylon tube in the United Kingdom. Nylon is a lightweight material with an exceptional elastic memory that can withstand repeated flexing without fatigue or fracture. Buxoplas manufacture nylon tubing in a comprehensive range of colours and sizes, including UV and heat stable tubing. Our Nylon products are manufactured in a variety of ways and forms to promote different functional applications with Conductive, High Temperature and Anti-Static grades available by request. We are able to manufacture a variety of nylon grades including Nylon 11 and Nylon 6.


Motor vehicles, Chemical transport, Pharmaceutical dispensing mechanisms, Beverage transfer (with semi rigid nylon), Fuel and oil transfer, Compressed Air, House wares, Air conditioning systems, Hydraulics, Manufacturing equipment , Pneumatic controls, Refrigeration systems, Pneumatic Ring Main for factory workshop/garage use, Oil/Offshore/Umbilical use, Creel Tube etc.

Semi Rigid Nylon Pneumatic Ring Main

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Pneumatic Ring Main is lengths of semi rigid nylon interconnected to form a network that is used for the transfer and distribution of compressed air.

Semi Rigid Nylon Tube PA12

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Buxoplas’ Semi Rigid Nylon tube is supplied in a range of up to 11 colours, and natural (opaque). We use a high viscosity extrusion grade of Polyamide 12. Our Semi Rigid Nylon has a good chemical resistance, a good resistance to weathering, and significantly lower water absorption than polyamide 6. WRAS approved and therefore suitable for beverage transfer.

Flexible Nylon Tubing PA12

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Buxoplas’ Flexible Nylon tube is supplied in a range of up to 11 colours, and natural (opaque). Other colours are available by request (see details on product list).We use a flexible, plasticised, high viscosity extrusion grade of Polyamide 12 (PA12) which is impact modified and heat and UV stabilised. Our Flexible Nylon is therefore low weight, flexible, and of low density.  

Air Brake/ DIN Printed Nylon Tubing

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Buxoplas manufacture Nylon Air Brake tubing that conforms to DIN 73378, DIN 74324 standards. We produce it in the standard colour coding used for Airbrake Tubing.

Spiral Cut Nylon

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 Spiral Cut Nylon is Nylon tubing, spirally cut to form a single, flexible length of tubular harnessing. Spiral Cut is available in a range of different sizes and lengths. It is commonly used as cable tidy or as a protective outer layering for anything cylindrical e.g. Hydraulic Hoses.

Flexible Nylon Air Coils

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Buxoplas’ Nylon Air coils are spiral wound, expandable lengths of Nylon Tubing often used for conveying compressed air and liquids over short distances.