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Buxoplas Manufacturing Limited, Quarters Farm, Hazlebadge, Bradwell, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, S33 9HX

Tel: +44 (0) 1433 620 175

Fax: +44 (0) 1433 620 047

Polythene/ Polyethylene Tube

Buxoplas’ Polythene/ Polyethylene Tube is available in a range of colours, including natural (opaque). It can be used as a more flexible low pressure alternative to flexible nylon tubing. Our polythene/ polyethylene is made from materials that fulfil most countries’ requirements for materials intended to come into contact with drinking water.

We also manufacture Low Density Polythene spiral cut tubing or armour guard that is used as a protective sheathing on any cylindrical objects.

We also manufacture Low Density Polythene Dip Tubes that are commonly used in the dispense of liquids, i.e. in a soap dispenser. Buxoplas can manufacture these in any dimensions requested by the customer. Our Dip Tubes can be used in many applications, from garden sprayers to soap dispensers. Please enquire for details at 01433 620 175

Buxo-Plas manufacture polythene/ polyethylene tubing in a range of densities. All have similar properties but vary in flexibility according to the density:

  • Low Density = .920g/cc
  • Medium Density = .935g/cc
  • High Density = .958g/cc

All our polythene/ polyethylene tubes are:

  • Manufactured as relatively low cost tubes.
  • FDA approved and comply with Kiwa water research regulations.
  • Have good chemical resistance:
  • All have a high resistance to water and organic salt solutions. Diluted bases and acids as well as concentrated bases have no effect, but all will discolour and crack under the action of concentrated nitric and sulphuric acids particularly at high temperatures.
  • Have poor impact resistance.
  • Are designed for low pressure applications.
  • Have a maximum working temperature of 50˚C

Recommended Fittings:

  • Push in type.
  • Low Density Polythene Tube is not designed to be expanded over fir tree fittings. (This will cause stress cracking).

Other Details:

  • For specific chemical resistance information and technical assistance contact us on 01433 620 175.
  • Tube installations should be permanently fixed and not on moving parts.
  • Any text can be printed on our tubing with an added cost of £0.005 per metre with a minimum order length of 500 metres
  • Other colours could be manufactured, enquire at 01433 620 175.
  • There is no minimum order charge