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Buxoplas Manufacturing Limited, Quarters Farm, Hazlebadge, Bradwell, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, United Kingdom, S33 9HX

Tel: +44 (0) 1433 620 175

Fax: +44 (0) 1433 620 047

Polythene Welding Rod

Buxo-Plas manufacture welding rods in a variety of different materials, colours and profiles. All our welding rod is suitable for all thermal welding processes used in the plastics fabrication industry.

The standard colours that we supply are Beige/Grey, Dark Grey. Light Grey, Natural & Black. Other colours are available with a minimum quantity of 50kg required per size per colour.

We can also manufacture Polyethylene welding rod in Black, Blue and Yellow which is suitable for use with PE80/PE100 pressure pipe. This is not a standard product and would be subject to a minimum order.

For specific chemical resistance information and technical assistance please contact us on 01433 620 175.

It is standard procedure to supply these products as:

2kg or 3kg coils

1m or 2m sticks

5kg Drums

3kg Spools


There is a standard extra charge of £2.50 per drum but these are returnable for credit.

The standard spool charge is £1.50 each, however these are non-returnable

Other colours could be manufactured, enquire at 01433 620 175.

There is no minimum order charge for standard products.