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Polyurethane Air Coils

We manufacture polyurethane air coils which are very similar to our nylon air coils in that they are both spiral wound, expandable lengths of tubing often used for conveying compressed air and liquids over short distances. And that they are both available in various sizes and lengths. With the same made-to-measure/ custom made service, even for small orders quantities. However, polyurethane air coils have a higher abrasion resistance than that of the Nylon product.


  • Construction material is nickel plated brass.
  • The O-ring inside in Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) 70 Shore
  • Fitted with spring guard.
  • Pressure range: from -0.99 up to 15 bars.
  • Temperature range: from -20C up to +80C.
  • At low pressures they are suitable for compressed air, fluids and liquids that are compatible with the connection.
  • The items can be coupled with plastic tubes PA6, PA11, PA12, Polyethylene, and Polyurethane.

Other Details:

  • For specific chemical resistance information and technical assistance please contact us on 01433 620 175.
  • Other colours could be manufactured, enquire at 01433 620 175.
  • There is no minimum order charge



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