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Warnings and Precautions

1)    Fittings are not recommended for use with liquids other than water or food or beverage products. Where fittings may be used with other chemicals contact us.

2)    Do not disassemble or modify the individual product, as this may cause a product malfunction, leak, or failure and voids the product warranty

3)    Do not over stress the fitting by rotation, twist, bending, shock, fatigue or other excess force. This may damage the fitting and cause malfunction, leak or failure and voids the product warranty.

4)    Do not use the product where ambient temperature of fluid temperature may exceed 65˚C (150˚ F) in domestic environment Food and Drink, industrial Pneumatic. This may damage the fitting and cause leak malfunction or failure.

5)    Do not use pipe dope or other liquid thread sealers. Use only Teflon tape to seal threaded connections.

6)    If your plumbed line is used as an electrical ground, you must use a jumper wire to provide continuity across plastic fitings and tubing.

7)    Never press collects towards the body unless attempting to separate tubing from a fitting in an unpressurized line.

8)    Before making any tube connection. Verify that the end of the tube has been cut squarely and there are no scratches on the tube O.D. within 30mm of the end.

9)    When making the tube connection, occasionally a gripping of the tube may occur just as the tube begins to pass through the o-ring, although the seal is not yet made. In this case, push the tube deeply once more to complete assembly of the connection. Failure to completely seat the tube into the fitting may cause a leak.

10)  After assembling a tube connection, tug with moderate force to check a proper gripping of the tube.

11)  Before disassembling the tube connections, always verify that the pressure has been removed from the system.