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Spiral Cut Nylon

Spiral Cut Nylon is Nylon tubing, spirally cut to form a single, flexible length of tubular harnessing. Spiral Cut is available in a range of different sizes and lengths. It is commonly used as cable tidy or as a protective outer layering for anything cylindrical e.g. Hydraulic Hoses. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and therefore can be manufactured in a range of colours to suit customers’ needs. Buxoplas’ Spiral Cut Nylon Tubing is specifically produced from a special grade of engineering polyamide Nylon so that it is heat stabilised, with high flexibility and has excellent impact strength even at low temperatures, it is also light weight, durable, resistant to corrosion and oils, can withstand repeated flexing without fatigue and has very high resistance to abrasion.

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Cable tidy/ bundling – Protects against chaffing/ Works as a protective layer- Used on Motorbikes, Protective armouring, Off-road Vehicles, Articulated/Tipping trailers, plant machinery. Commercial vehicles. Electrical cabinets/enclosures.

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